I am a friend of the world who believes in taking the time to better educate himself with facts to better understand the world and the people around me

I am a retired nurse practitioner holding a masters in Nursing educations and a post masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner.   Historically, I have worked primarily in intensive care and cardiology as an RN and then taught in a JUCO while working on my FNP while at the same time managing and taking care of patients enrolled in a disease management program I conceptualized and started in collaboration with an internist in Fort Scott, Kansas by the name of John Fox.  I left that position after being recruited to work at St Johns Heart Care in Joplin, Mo.  During my time at Heart Care I saw patients in follow-up as well as some new patients, proctored outpatient and inpatient stress tests, assisted with inpatient rounds as needed as well as numerous other duties.  I left the position at Heart Care after being recruited by Team Health out of Knoxville, Tn to work as a mid-level provider seeing patients in the fast track of the ER at Mercy in Rogers, Ark.  Just prior to taking this position and before leaving heart care I had contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from a tick bite.  I was terribly ill, every fiber of my body hurt, but after a short round of antibiotics felt better.  Unfortunately, it had progressed to more than originally thought and over the months following  multiple changes overtook me, and one day I was found in the middle of having a granmal seizure.  This was later discovered to be secondary to Encehalitis from the RMSF.  I lost most of 2 years worth of memory afterwards, but now I am back to functioning normally except for my short term memory.  For the past 13 years I have also worked for Lippincott publications and continue to do so except for a couple of year hiatus during the time when I was seriously ill with the encephalitis and almost died a couple of times.   Working for Lippincott allows me the luxury to work at pretty much my own pace, at home, so I am blessed to be able to do this even if it isn’t as high of a paying gig as I have had in the past as an ER NP.

Where some people prefer to focus on local on national politics,  my main interest is geopolitics.  What happens in the geopolitical world affects our lives as much if not more than what happens on the smaller scale of the political world.

I may come off as being opinionated at times, but will only do so after I have taken the time to research a topic in depth beyond the mainstream media which I find to be biased on all levels.

Any comments positive or negative from any persons who may read my blog are more than welcome, but please do not come prepared with only mainstream media as your only resource for a differing opinion because you will have a better chance of capturing my attention, and maybe even changing my opinion if your comments are intellectually prepared with resources that come from trusted and well established institutions such as from a professional or academic journals.  Example quote from Breitbart and you will have lost my attention immediately.




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