Goldfish, Death & Jesus

My novel has been completed and is available through Amazon at the included link.  The novel looks at the early life of a fictional four year old character named Benny who, unbeknownst to him, is the object of contention between two strong-willed women in his family.  The first is Sylvia, who he knows as mother and the person he has lived his entire life with.  The other is Isabella, the oldest child in the family who Benny fondly calls Issie, and unknown to him is his birth mother

After Sylvia accidently sweetens tea at Issie’s apartment with LSD laced sugar, and she and Benny take a wild trip, Sylvia and her husband decide that Benny would be in further danger by spending time with Issie.  Not willing to give up her child, Issie, along with the help of three odd friends, Dennis the dwarf and Slim and Jim the midget Siamese twins, spirits Benny away from church one evening.  Issie has two goals, one for Benny to be with her and two to make it to the military hospital where her boyfriend is healing from wounds endured while serving in Viet-Nam.

After the first night of being holed up in Dennis and the twins apartment, two men come into the apartment to collect the money or marijuana that Dennis and the twins has taken from a crime boss. Unable to produce either, the men take the entire group to Las Vegas where they are forced to train for a rigged wrestling match against one of the crime bosses men Jock.  They take a wild tour of cities, wrestling a well performed match while the crime bosses men wager on the triple trio winning over Jock who pretends to be a volunteer picked out of the audience.

Benny only has one thing on his mind, and that is to get himself and Issie out of the crime bosses clutches.  During their tour, deep relationships are developed.  Benny decides that a walking stick that Dennis carries, that he had accidently made belch fire and smoke while holding it during one of the rigged matches, is the answer to get away from the crime boss and his men.